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November 2008

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pzykomunky in thefloridakeys

A true Key West treat!

so i went home for a few days around New Year's hoping and craving to find one Spanish Lime tree that still had any fruit. no luck. between Spanish Limes and these, which i never knew the name of until now, i would always find and pick these around town. i wish i could show the photo but my photobucket account is over its limit.


anyone else eat these......well...not eat them. you'd open the pods and suck on the red seeds until the red coating was gone, and then spit out the remaining seed.

Jessie? anyone else?


You've got me there.. I didn't even know those things were edible! lol My mother has tons of those in her yard. I myself miss tamarinds, I'm making a stop there in April while on a cruise and I plan on hunting out a few trees, maybe if I'm lucky I'll find a few sour oranges. (I know I must be the only person who actually eats those instead of just using them for a marinade)
oh man, those things are awesome! when the pods turn bright orange, you just pluck them off the vine and pop 'em open. then you suck on the seeds that are coated in this red stuff. the red stuff has a really nice honey suckle/sugary taste to it and then you spit the seeds out. i heard the seeds can make you sick but the red stuff's never made me sick. Me and Jason Watkins would 'forage' all the time. go around the neighbourhoods collecting bananas, mangos, cherries, limes. good times.

i remember being little and going to Mary Immaculate, there was a huuuuuge tamarind tree. we used to think the cuban kids were weird when they'd eat the raw tamarinds because the pods looked like turds.....until you ended up trying it when no one was looking.

i think you're on your own about sour oranges. next thing you know, you'll tell me you eat Barracuda.

also, i think i mispelled your name. if so, sorry.