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November 2008

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mamamarlea in thefloridakeys


Hi, my name is Marlea, I'm from PA and I'll be RVing with my family in the keys for,at least, the first half of February. Just wondering about places to check out while we're there. We'll (there are 7 of us from age 13 to 65) be staying off mile marker 20. Would love to check out live music, fairly inexpensive restaurants or just about anything you deem worthy ;) I haven't been any further South than North Carolina so this will be totally new for me, any advice? Oh, and a question about bugs...I have 3 cats, my brother has a dog, should we worry about fleas or other bugs that bite?? Right now, here up North it's too cold for them but I'm wondering if I need to be prepared for them when we come down. Thanks for any help and advice. I'm sure I'll be posting again soon with more questions... :)


Re: Visiting the Keys

Wow, thank you so much! We will definitely check out some of these places when we're there. We'll be staying at the Sugarloaf Key KOA for 2 weeks and will be renting a car (any advice about a good car rental place?) to travel around the area and explore. All of the places you mentioned seem really neat to check out. My son, the 13 yr old, will love feeding the tarpon, and checking out the key deer and other fauna. We're all nature/animal buffs and love anything like that. Thanks again for the restaurants, too, nothing worse than being excited about going out somewhere and then having the food ruin it. I've already shown the family this Community and, after reading all of the helpful advice, they're even more excited than before about our trip, if that's possible.

Re: Visiting the Keys

I don't know about car rental, I'm afraid, as I drive down, but an online search should help you. Robbie's is a fun place, and your son will definately enjoy it!

When you go to the No Name, go past it first (you may do that anyway, since it can be hard to spot! ;-) ) and over the small bridge; that's where I've been luckiest at finding Key deer. You can find out more here
Please respect the speed limits on Big Pine, and *don't* feed the little guys, either. But you *can* feed the fish at Alabama Jack's!