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November 2008

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andrivka in thefloridakeys

Hi there!

My name is Andrea, and my family is considering moving to Key West this February. My husband and I are both self-employed, and we have a 13yr old.
Anyone have any tips/ideas on where to rent? We'd like to be close to downtown, but everything I see on craigslist is very, very small.


Have you checked out the classified in the Key West Citizen yet?


You'll get a better value if you find something in New Town or Mid Town. The only place I don't recommend is Bahama Village.
haha what's midtown???
The part of town between Old Town and New Town, near the White Street and Truman area.
i just find it funny, i've never heard anyone call part of town 'midtown' before, sorry.
I actually first saw it called that in the real estate classifieds. Maybe it's a new gimmick.
anywhere in Key West is going to be pricey. on top of that, there's no available space to build a house so you're stuck with whatever property you can find. most families live more towards new town. Downtown is basically one street (Duval). if you live near there expect to deal with drunks and loud noise until 4am during the busy season and weekends during the slow times. it's not hard to walk, bike, or drive anywhere in key west. i'd recommend contacting realtors down there, check out the key west Citizen (the local paper), and visit first.
I agree with pzykomunky on that. To be honest with the bus system and the milage involved in living in Key West, living downtown is usually more expensive and too much of a hassle. I've live in Old Town and I've lived on Stock Island (one island over) and while Old Town is nice, pricing wise it's just too much money for too little space. Try contacting Realty Executives or one of the other real estate agencies there, costs you nothing for them to look for you.
Thanks so much everyone!
What you all said about being downtown makes sense to me-my husband has got his hopes set on it, for some reason.
We will check the online paper follow up on the Realtor suggestion. Thanks!