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November 2008

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Halloween 2008

sparkleplenty03 in thefloridakeys

Piercing shops?

Hey all, I'm working in Key West this winter, and want to get a nipple pierced while I'm down there. Recommendations? Definite don'ts? I've gotten tattoos before, but this is my first piercing other than the normal earring, so any advice would be awesome. I won't be driving while I'm down there, so would like it within walking/bus/biking distance, but will try to travel for somewhere that's worth it.

Thanks! This is my first time to Key West, and my second time in Florida (I'm originally from Baltimore, MD), and I'm super-excited about this gig!


Head over to Paradise on Stock Island. It's a easy walk/bike/bus ride seeing how as I lived on Stock Island and managed to bike everywhere.
never had a nipple piercing. do your best to heal it after getting it pierced. keep in mind it'll rub against shirts, get brushed by an errant arm, and sometimes catch on things..like when you take off the shirt. all this irritation can cause infection, probably keloids, and maybe even make it grow out of your skin. i guess if you get it down, keep it sterile and be careful.

as for shops, you got Goldie's and Paradise. go to Paradise. they're a minute outside of key west on stock island. also, i heard they recently opened two shops on Duval which is a first since for the longest time, tattooing was banned on the island of key west.
anything else about the keys you need/want to know feel free to ask away. we'll try 'n help. what are you going to be doing down there for work?
Thanks so much! I'll be working on the schooner Hindu, down near Schooner Wharf Bar. Depending on how much work I'll have, I might be looking into getting a part-time gig somewhere within walking distance. I guess I'm just looking for cheap, fun things to do down there! I'm also hoping to get some scuba diving lessons, and maybe my license eventually.. any recommendations?
haha cheap things to do in key west?!?!?! um...they have sunset festival every night at mallory square with street performers and stuff. that's always interesting. i like to go to stick n steins to shoot pool but they have video games, skee ball, and bowling there also. there's a mainstream movie theatre and an independent one. the independent one is right off duval...i wanna say on williams st. you can stroll up and down duval and whitehead streets...hemmingway's house is one whitehead, but it costs money to get into it. if you're on a boat, go offshore. don't know what the water temp's like there but there's some really nice spots. i think they give scuba lessons at FKCC the local community college. most of the locals hang out at green parrot and the schooner wharf.


I went to Key West for my first time last month. I am from crappy Baltimore as well. I adore Key West. It was so beautiful and great. I wish that I could move there LOL. I hope that you find a good place to get this done at. Take care.

- Keli